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Want to work from home?

Resumes are stoopid. Don't send us one. 
We are looking to hire 2 new part time employees to work remotely. 
Social Media Manager
We are seeking a part time employee to handle 10 of our clients social media feeds. Every client we manage has a Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram account, LinkedIn profile and Pinterest page. Your job is to post on each of those weekly with creative content and web research. The job pays $35 per client per month so this trial period is $350 per month. Knowledge of social media marketing is a must and proper hashtags are a bonus. If everything goes well we have a very long list of additional clients who require the same service so the income potential can be full time. 
Graphic Designer
We are looking for a graphic designer fluent in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Must be able to work efficiently in all three to be considered. We have a large volume of overflow design projects and can pay $25 per hour. There is an opportunity for a full time hire if everything goes smoothly and the income potential is significant. Must be able to complete logos, brochures, flyers, vector art, large-scale designs and the like. 

If you have any questions about the positions you can call us directly:

Tel: (888) 973-2247

Mob: (412) 600-7263

Fax: (425) 732-1993



Thanks! Message sent.

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