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Jack of all trades, master of many. 


Don't pay agency fees or commissions. They are a dying breed. We offer everything under the advertising spectrum and we offer it cheaper, quicker, and more effectively. We also work longer hours than they do. Our average turnaround on all print projects is 48 hours or less, and website development around 96 hours or less. 



The process works in 3 rounds. Round 1: I design 4 different logos to kind of get a feel for what you are looking for and for you to understand my creative capabilities. Some of what I do is just designed to stimulate your thinking. I submit a round of them for your review. You tell me what you like, what you hate, etc.. Once we pick a more specific direction we repeat this process. Round 2: Again I submit 4 more comps for your review based on your feedback and now we are getting more specific. Basically we repeat this process as many times as we need to in order to get your logo perfect. Typically the process lasts 3-4 rounds and takes only a few days to complete. Once a final logo is approved, I send a folder with the unwatermarked logo in 6-7 various formats (print, vector, web, facebook, email signature icon, embroidery, watermark, black/white etc..). A deposit puts you in the project queue for a 48 hour turnaround or less. 


Please visit our Logo Page for examples of our designs. There are also quite a few sub pages with more specific examples. 



Below is a list of our services, or at least all we could think of:


Business cards, websites, logos, video animation, wordpress, website banner ads, flyers, direct mail, leaflets, copywriting, brochures, stationary/letterhead, electronic ads, billboard layouts, book/booklet layouts, newspaper ads, apparel, facebook ads, promotional products, stickers, window clings, packaging, vehicle wraps, postcards, blogs design, tickets, website content etc...


$25 per hour rate. We work very quickly and agree to time frame/budget prior to designing. We also work nights and/or weekends to complete projects. Comfortable with tight deadlines. Most print projects average a 48 hour turnaround time or less!


Please visit our International Portfolio Page for examples of our designs. There are also quite a few sub pages with more specific examples. 



Our website process is far less painful than you might expect. 


Phase one is the back end build or basically all of the boring work like the sitemap and any custom functionality and third party plugins etc... 


Once we are ready for copy and aesthetics we send you our proprietary "Wish List" document which is basically an itemized list of pieces we need to ready your site for launch. Those things typically include: Head shots, product imagery, relevent copy points, domain/hosting information, services blurbs, social media links etc... 


Our average 5-8 page informational site (Home, About Us, Services, Contact Us, Blog/Social Media Integration) takes us only 4 days to complete. 


A complete overhaul of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be evaluated and executed in less than a day. 


Please visit out Web Page for examples of our work. 



Admit it, you have put this off for months. You want to have a social media presence but who has the time to manage all of those channels? We implement a management system with daily posting that encompasses four responsibilities:


Generate research based, industry specific, geo-targeted organic content sometimes supplemented by you and sometimes (more often times) not.

Garner followship, likes, and other interaction. Follow and systemically interact with similar businesses in your field.


Manage all supplemental channels, backlinks and other registries to improve searchable results. (Yelp, Manta, YP etc..). They don’t require daily posting but do require registry).

Manage all map application registries (Google, Bing, AOL, Yahoo, and Apple Maps).

Please visit out Social Media Marketing Page for examples of our work. 

seo web image.jpg

Search Engine optimization is a nutshell is the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial, natural or what we like to call EARNED search results on search engines. All major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to search queries. Payment isn’t involved, as it is with paid search ads.


Our monthly program involves optimizing your website, key words, meta descriptions as well as daily backlinking. We offer free ad placements on informational websites and monthly reporting as well. See a full outline of our SEO Program here. 




Quinnconcepts owns and operates 2 wholesale production and distribution centers on the East Coast. One out of Southern Maryland and one in Central New Jersey. Both facilities have staff on hand and full print production capabilities for your project. Call us today for a custom quote or check out our Printing Page for some of our most popular pricing. 


We are constantly adding products to our inventory like baseball cards and even fathead posters. We also carry warehouses of stock materials. 



Our newest arm is our production department or more specifically Video Animation. Our work has a national footprint and we aid clients in their video animation needs from coast to coast.


We don't need much to work with to make your ad shine. Often times clients simply supply a logo, some copy, and an image or two and the rest is up to our animation department to move, shake and wiggle your ad together for a stunning video. 


Please visit our Video Page for examples of our work.  



Already have website? Don't know where that person is who made it and you desperately need updates? Imagine a world where your Graphic Designer, Website Designer/Developer, Domain Host, email account(s), and all around IT professional is all one phone call. 


We have a plan to fit your budget and your advertising needs whether via social media, banner campaigns, or general website updating and maintenance. 


For more detailed information on pricing and package details visit our Website Maintenance page. 


Struggling with your email marketing platform? Not sure what to say? Constant Contact giving you a migraine?

We manage dozens of email marketing campaigns from Pittsburgh all the way to Qatar that we even know a little Persian and spend quite a bit of time with Google Translate. 

We have staff solely dedicated employees to help generate industry specific and geotargeted content. We then send test emails to your organization complete with custom graphics (not stock images) for your review until we fall in step with your email marketing objectives. 



For more detailed information on pricing and package details visit our Mobile Apps Page

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