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Brand ID/Logo Design


The process works in 3 rounds. Round 1: I design 4 different logos to kind of get a feel for what you are looking for and for you to understand my creative capabilities. Some of what I do is just designed to stimulate your thinking. They will all be radically different. Some logos will follow your creative direction and others will ignore your instructions purposely. I submit a round of them for your review. You tell me what you like, what you hate, etc.. Once we pick a more specific direction we repeat this process. Round 2: Again I submit 4 more comps for your review based on your feedback and now we are getting more specific. Basically we repeat this process as many times as we need to in order to get your logo perfect. Once a final logo is approved, I send a folder with the unwatermarked logo in 6-7 various formats (print, vector, web, facebook, email signature icon, embroidery, watermark, favicon, GREYSCALE etc..). A deposit here puts you in the project queue for a 48 hour turnaround or less. 

Quinnconcepts is listed in the Top 3 Pennsylvania Logo Design Companies.

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