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Meet the Team


Want to know who we are as individuals? There is no "i' in "team" but the is a "me".

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Chris Quinn

President / Graphic & Web Designer


Chris started this project almost 10 years ago out of his home design studio which is a fancy way of saying basement. Before that he worked at an advertising agency that specialized in hemorrhaging investment. They put far too much emphasis on promoting each other, sleeping in, and having status meetings so Chris went and got himself fired.  


After seeing all of what not to do in this business, it wasn't difficult to know what works. Staff competent and talented people and work quickly. It is that simple. Quinnconcepts averages a 48 hour tunraround on all projects other than website launches (and those only take a couple more days longer). 


I don't know if you caught a theme here but Chris enjoys the Pittsburgh Steelers and all things Pittsburgh. Chris played NCAA division II basketball, minor league and arena football as a Defensive End, and is now currently the best rec center player in the neighborhood.

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Chelsie Quinn

Chief Financial Officer


Chris's wife and mother of two: Jackson (9) and Juliet (7) despite the fact that Juliet looks like a 4 year old. Chelsie is a first grade teacher by day in the Ambridge Area School District. By night she is basically Chris's boss. She handles all things billing, legal, and administrative to keep checks clearing and jobs completing. She had no intention of being part of the team and reluctantly serves the post of CFO. Also she has purple hair, no lie. 


Chelsie has a passion for helping others over herself. Family first, everything else is just details. 



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Scott Couch

Web Developer


Scott is our go to tech guru for all things associated with complex and custom coding, API, integration, email records and anything else equally as boring to talk about. Do want want your site to do something oddly specific like pick up your laundry? Please don't email Chris, he is just going to forward it to Scott. 



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Emily Childers

Social Media Department Head


Emily is Quinnconcepts’ marketing specialist & social media aficionado. Emily is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati where she majored in communications, marketing, and public relations. She has manages the social media marketing campaigns for both national and international brands spanning 30 countries. 

Javier Villena

Prepress Manager


Javier manages our two print and distribution warehouses: one out of Southern Maryland and the other in Central New Jersey. Other than taking an ear-banging from Chris when something is late he handles all pricing and printing inquiries. 


He oversees the upload, production, and shipping of everything from business cards to trifolds, to banners and more, and does it all with two day air shipping around the country. 


I wouldn't call him or he will talk your ear off with all the technical jargon that goes with printing. Something about a gatefold mailer with aqueous coating semi gloss finish on 100 pound gloss cover C2S was our last conversation...
Kent Kirkman


Kent is the seasoned member of the team.  That’s code for “old fart”. With over 35 years of advertising, marketing, management and sales experience he does not provide knowledge to the team... he provides wisdom. 

Kent is in charge of all things account management. This includes all of the tasks Chris tries to avoid including but not limited to: meetings, conference calls, sales calls, conferences and anything you need to get dressed for. Need something completed?...just cc Kent and he will follow up, again, and again, and again. 



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Ashley Young

Social Media Specialist

Ashley is what you might call a social media connoisseur. She is all in on anything trending, snapping, posting or going viral. Her hashtag game has been described as “strong.” In her spare time Ashley is the mother of two beautiful little girls and a wife to a husband who travels more than an Instagram Model. She manages to juggle her work, family and running of a household like a champ while wearing a bright smile. Ashley will tackle any project you throw at her and help take your social media status to the next level. 

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