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There is a wide world of agencies, web companies and freelancers doing who knows what. Maybe you have been burnt before by someone claiming to be able to handle your graphic and web needs. We encourage to to read our testimonials to better understand our diligence in communication and swift turnaround time. If you require references we are happy to provide them upon request. Please let us know on our CONTACT page if you require them. 

"One of the best Graphic Designers, Web Masters, and Marketer in the country. I highly recommend Quinnconcepts to anyone." 

Jonathon WolfeBarron (Portland, OR)

"Quinnconcepts has been absolutely incredible! For years my business searched for the right social media team to handle our digital presence, and we were continually let down. That was, until we found Quinnconcepts. We are a member of the Retainer Program and couldn't be happier. The team works with us on a weekly basis to develop, revise, and implement social media postings, website changes, and marketing ads. They are always responsive, accurate, and quick with their actions. If you need a effective team to handle your concerns, there is no better company out there than Quinnconcepts!"

-David Jones, Jones Kahan Law (Cincinnati, OH)

"I am thrilled to write this recommendation for Chris Quinn and the team at Quinnconcepts. Since our first engagement, I have been impressed by the highly personalized, patient and professional service provided by Chris. Social media and online marketing are changing at light speed. I have found Chris to be knowledgeable and up to date on the new tactics and strategies. Furthermore, he is willing to explain technology to his clients without belittling anyone.I strongly recommend the services provide by Chris Quinn and Quinnconcepts."

-Jeffrey Smith, Copperstone Education (Dubai, U.A.E)

"I've had the pleasure to work with Chris on several projects. With very little initial direction, Chris was still able to give us some very creative options, and was willing to iterate on it with us until we were completely satisfied with the outcome. We have several ongoing projects with him, and plan to continuing leveraging his skills for future projects. Definitely recommend!!​"

-Prasoon Khanal, Yeti Dog Treats (Kathmandu, Nepal)


Chris and the Quinnconcepts team are doing really a good job in managing our social media pages, posting on a daily basis, handling our reputation management with their custom software and designing creative artwork when needed. Reliable and punctual in delivering tasks, highly recommended! Thank you Chris!"

-Ihab Hilal, 3 Eggspectation Locations (Dubai U.A.E)

"Chris!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!! That's the winner!!!!! You are truly brilliant!!!! What else can you do for me?" 

-Diego Ivy of Ivy Salon and Boutique (San Antonio)

"Looking at the website that Chris designed for me reminds me of when I bought my first sports car. I kept getting up in the middle of the night and going into the garage to admire the car with combined feelings of both excitement and slight disbelief that the car was actually mine. Last night I found myself continuing to  wake up to log into my new website with those exact same feelings that what I was looking at actually belonged to me. Thank you Chris!"

-Maria Nardi of Bespoke Marketing Group (Denver, CO)

"Where have you been hiding your design skills?  Great job.  I am really impressed.  To produce this work takes a combination of design and engineering skills which in most instances are a huge conflict."

-Dempsey Mork, Rocket Loans (Las Vegas, NV)

"Chris has done an amazing job building my website. I allowed him to be the creator. He was spot on with designing the site and kept me at ease. Without Chris's expertise I would still be stumbling."

-Holly Hickey, Kozy Pockets (Chicago, IL)

"Quinnconcepts is outstanding. I would recommend this outstanding Web designer to anyone! The maintenance is great as well."  Excellent.

-Rhys, Whys World Publishing (Savannah, GA)

"My company has worked with several graphic designers in the past and Chris has been by far the best in terms of his professionalism, timeliness, and creative.  His work is original and imaginative and has really propelled our brand in terms of marketing.  He is extremely easy to work with and obviously very passionate about the work he does because he genuinely cares that we are happy with the end product.  His flexibility is great because sometimes we have to change dates or information and he has no problem getting it back to us in a timely fashion.  I highly recommend Chris Quinn and Quinnconcepts for any businesses looking for an affordable yet professional designer."

-Kia McNeil, Valeo Futbol Club (Vermont)

"I would recommended Chris and his team. They designed and maintain out website, manage our socials, design hiring graphics, whatever we need, they got our back!!"

-Erin Shanley, Peerless Energy Systems (Omaha, NE)

"Chris Quinn was able to construct and maintain a professional looking and functioning webpage for us in a timely manner. His expertise in designing gave us an edge over the competition and he was able to custom tailor our page for our specific needs." 

-Levi Peffer, Bath Bros (Harrisburg, PA)

"Literally I said holy sh#! to myself. It look great" 

-Neil Danziger, Haz~Mat Environmental Services (North Carolina)

"Chris was easy to work with.  I emailed and called him constantly.  Chris answered his emails and phone calls swiftly. Chris was very patient and understanding.  Chris has continued to be my go to guy to help me with changes to my website without any extra charges." 

-Kristina from I Heart CPR Training (Colorado)

"Working with Chris has been outstanding. His work is not only superb, but he gets our projects done in a timely manner at an affordable cost.  I have given him many deadlines to meet and he always finds a way to get them delivered!"

-Brett Stansbury, The Furniture Shack (Oregon)

"I have been using Chris Quinn with Quinnconcepts for several months now.  His graphic design work is fantastic.  I really appreciate his response time and flexibility. Chris does the graphic design work on our 16 page Right at HOME Savings Guide.  He works quickly and his designs pop and work for our clients. I would highly recommend Chris to other businesses and have done so on several occasions." 

-Kent Kirkman, Right At Home Magazine (San Antonio)

"Mr. Christopher Quinn was hired to design graphic tees for 600 Horses Apparel and build a website. He is very punctual and scrupulous with his work. In addition, his professionalism and turn-around time was well observed and appreciated." 

-Kern Alcindor, 600 Horses (The Bronx)

"Quinnconcepts developed a website and logo for my new clothing line. In addition, they established a social media package and updated it daily. The cost was significantly lower than competitors and the website was finished within days, not weeks.  The quality of work surpassed my expectations and communication was open and frequent.  I would strongly recommend Quinnconcepts for web design/social media management."  

-Mary Salamon


"Chris does great work and is very affordable."

-Vapor Connection LLC (Pittsburgh)


"Easy to work with, good pricing, and good work."

-Johnathan Jenkins, Clearly Agile (Washington D.C.)


"Highly recommend! Chris is responsive, knowledgable and capable of creating attractive logos, websites and more. We have been very pleased to work with him and his team in all aspects."

-Lisa Clay, Oak Valley Landscape Hardscape (Virginia)


"Chris is a no nonsense straight shooter. He offers knowledge, experience, and great value that is affordable."

-Landscaping by Design


"Quinnconcepts delivers under time constraints, cost and originality. Stop looking and give him a call."

-Impulse Product Designs


"Chris is very knowledgeable in his field, I would strongly recommend his company."

-Andy Balint, Twelve Whiskey Barbecue (Pittsburgh)

"Chris did the initial design of my website as well as the Logo which was a big hit. He designed seven concepts and fine tuned the winner while walking me through the process. He was very cost effective and his logo design is the basis of my company; WeedWipes."

-Jim Berry, Weed Wipes (Colorado Springs)

"OMG!!!! These guys are the best! Social media done right!!! Super talented graphics arts department .... and get this they actually understand Business !!!! They make you feel like you are their only client. Quick turnaround times!!! The retainer program is just what all small businesses need!"

-Monica Livingston, Metro CPR (Washington D.C.)

"Chris is a true professional who really knows his stuff. He's done a number of jobs for me and has always delivered. I appreciate his customer orientation and willingness to go the extra mile."

-Craig G.

"Yes, I do utilize the Quinnconcepts Premier Retainer Program to create my reviews, quotes, and legal postings with the exception of the legal summaries that are either written by me or my paralegal under my supervision.  However, Quinnconcepts does provide the graphical integration of the legal summaries and they have done an amazing job with my postings.  What is remarkable about the services I have received from Quinnconcepts is their desire to learn more about my particular industry, as I am in a very specific niche of intellectual property, and they have been helpful in selecting content that is appropriate for my audience.Before I contracted with Quinnconcepts, I had an independent provider deliver my social media services as well as construct my website.  Chris was patient enough to rebuild my entire site from scratch and help me creatively strategize in reaching my intended audience.  As I am in a very technical side of law practice, Chris was very astute in implementing the legal strategies for my practice and being mindful of any content that would be counterproductive to my goals.  Another point to note is that Quinnconcepts has been able to rapidly create or integrate a spur of the moment idea or campaign which is highly important in today’s rapidly moving social media landscape.  Overall, I feel like I have my own social media and web management team on my side and that has been worth volumes over the past 9 months."

-Johnny Manriquez, AHGC Services (San Diego)

"Just had a look at the website and it looks perfect! The new colors and images really do bring it together in a cohesive way. I'm so thrilled! Thanks so much! Whatever else you need from me, just let me know!"

-Heidi McVay

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