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What is the Wish List?


The Wish List is a proprietary document designed as a homework item for prospective website projects. The downloadable sample here is to give you an idea of what information we typically look for when starting a web development project. 


Websites come in all shapes and sizes, and ofer all sorts of functionaltiy but who knows where to start? When in doubt, consult the Wish List!


Don't have any of this information? We don't care! In a lot of instances, clinets have little to no information other than a website they liked or an idea. It is then our job to throw everything up on a wall for you to evaluate. In most cases, it is easier to edit something already in existence than to conur it up out of thin air. 


Our Website Process

Our AVERAGE InfoSite design and launch (Home, About Us, Pricing/Services, Contact Form, Blog/Social Media Integration) take about 4 days to complete. We make about 2 websites per week and average a 96 hour turnaround assuming we have everything we need to complete it.


The Wish List has an itemized list of things we typically need to launch your site (bios, product imagery, pricing, headshots, social media links etc…) and helps us expedite this process.


Our work can be viewed online in real time to encourage feedback. It happens in 3 phases:


Phase 1 a deposit is made on our 'Payments' page which enters your website in our project queue.


Phase 2: Typically 4 days later, we have 'The Big Reveal' where you get to see your website in it's entirety and another payment is due.


Phase 3: This is the edits and revisions phase, your last payment installment is not due until the site is completed to your satisfaction and is approved for publishing. 



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