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The Retainer Program

This program was never meant to be sold. 

It was developed in-house in order for our business to grow internally, and boy did it. We started to dominate the search results so much that we were contacted by a restaurant group in the DC Metro area. They explained how much they loved our messaging and activities on our website and various social media channels. This is how the conversation went...


Restaurant Group:

"Can you replicate your efforts for our locations?"



"No. We do not want to step into the marketing consultancy world. We wished to remain on the creative side."


Restaurant Group"

"You don't understand, we want to retain your company. Whatever you do for your business on a daily basis, we want you to do for ours. Send us a proposal."


That was the birth of our Retainer Program, almost 7 years ago. Now it has developed into a robust marketing program covering clients in over 30 countries. 

The $350 Basic Retainer

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The $450 Premier Retainer

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The $550 Enterprise Retainer

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The $650 Professional Retainer

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slide 6 - Meet the Team
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DISCLAIMER: You have the ability to opt out of the program at any time. However, there is a 3 month minimum duration if a brand new site has been developed. See Terms & Conditions for more details. 

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