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Everything needs to look and smell alike...

This word is severely overused in the professional world today. What is branding? What does it mean? In short: nothing. Here is the skinny on this buzzword "branding". It is a term ad agencies made up a while ago to charge a lot for a little. Branding is as easy as making your materials, collateral, logo conepts, and any other extension of your organization be it video, audio, print or otherwise: all look and smell alike. It is an almalgamation of approved fonts, color palettes, design elements and overall "feel" of everything that represents your comapny. 


Anyone who tries to sell you on a branding package is someone you should not work with, period. You know how much "branding" costs at Quinnconcepts? NOTHING. It is built into what we do and what we create for you already. Don't have a "brand"? Fine. It still only cost $25/hour for us to work with you whether you have a brand or need us to create/integrate one into your designs.  #noagency


Take a look at what "branding" looks like below and ask yourself: "Shouldn't branding be included in my designs already? Why should I pay for it a la carte?"

Branding Example #1: Monterey Shale Magazine

Branding Example #2: Epioz

Branding Example #3: RechargeZone IV

Branding Example #4: Krazi Kebob

Branding Example #5: Cadee Distillery

Branding Example #6: Doner & Gyros

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